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Welcome to my site. It is my hope that you enjoy viewing my creations on these pages. I have loved bronze sculpture for years, long before I was actually involved in manifesting pieces myself. It always seemed to me that the timeless, enduring beauty of bronze touches the soul in ways that other mediums cannot.

My greatest joy is to produce work that sparks in the observer a laugh or a warmth or a recognized familiarity which beckons…Particularly on the figurative or more contemporary pieces, it is that edge or sense of emotion that I hope to impart that draws one in. Of course it is always my wish that my pleasure in the company of animals comes through in my wildlife art. I have had the good fortune to know, raise and spend time with many. From raising sled dogs in Alaska and running the Iditarod, to countless beloved domestic companions; life has been filled with their enlightening presence. Perhaps the most interesting have been on-going encounters with wild creatures. Often choosing to live on the edge of wildlife habitats, I have been blessed to experience many special relationships.

Currently, I am pleased to have a family of javelina visit daily, along with deer, quail,- a seemingly endless parade of bunnies, lizards, chipmunks-- and the occasional bobcat. Wildlife viewing has become a compelling, delightful aspect of daily life. One can spend many happy hours lost in their innate beauty, interesting interactions and honest personalities. It is this whimsicality or uniqueness of a particular species that I especially enjoy portraying through bronze.

One client who purchased one of my pieces said that “each day when I see that rabbit, it makes me smile.” That is the sort of comment that an artist lives for—and makes one feel that a goal has been realized.